Here, I offer a community to support your creative journey. It’s a space where you can get insights into how and why I make art. For subscribers there is a monthly post to nourish you and help you develop as a creative with your own voice. I help you set intentions, develop a regular practice and break away from perfectionism, embracing failures and helping you into creative flow.

I am Helen Hallows - a UK based mixed-media nature artist. I create landscapes in ink colour and stitch that tell the story of the changing seasons. Being in nature reminds me how small I am in the universe and my connection to everything and everyone. Over time I have learned how to support my artist soul and what it takes to develop a regular practice. I share my ideas and techniques on my online courses and face-to-face workshops and retreats. You can find out more at

If you need more support than the membership provides, I also offer mentoring for mid-life artists and makers. You can find out more here.

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For the last 15 years I have run workshops and face-to-face courses sharing my techniques and ideas to create mixed-media artwork and sketchbooks. During that time I learned how self-critical artists can be and how we stumble with creative block and feeling insecure about our creative offerings. The Nurtured Artist provides a home for Soulful Creatives. It is a space to meditate on what it means to be creative (my written posts), and to be given monthly tasks that enable you to find flow and become bolder with artist self-care inspirations, insights into my studio processes and mini-lessons. I share the highs and lows of my creative life and encourage yours.

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Are you a Nurtured Artist or an artist in need of nurturing?

  • Are you a soulful creative who uses your senses to explore the world?

  • Do you like to notice and gather inspirations before you explore how to express the world?

  • Do you need a regular nudge to nourish your creative soul and make your mark?

  • Are you inspired by words, images, music and meditation?

Be part of a community of people who connect through creativity, who live with the seasons and live with all their senses.

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A home for soulful creatives. I write to make sense of the world and share the inner workings of my creative soul. A subscription gives you access to monthly prompts and mini-lessons as well as studio updates and inspiration.


My art connects me to the seasons and the seasons connect me to my soul. I write, make sketchbooks and run online and in person workshops to nurture your artist soul. Find out more at