Hi Helen, I've just re read your piece. Strangely I thought I'd replied last night, maybe I didn't press send, maybe my reply is somewhere else! Anyway..... awe finds me and mostly when I m able to float above . It"s hard to put into words and harder still to capture as an image. That heart bursting and magical feeling. It definitely needs me to turn up and let go....

We had a large number of ladybirds before the storm yesterday, I wonder if they will back.

Thank you for sharing your words.

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Dear Helen, you write of the eventual process I’m am hoping to transition to (or between as I can never give up writing) between my writing self and need always for words, thoughts and explanation ( ?th rational self) and the wild self who struggles to throw all the words aside and show how a moment is in actuality. You express, and show, how it is possible to live between what I would term the two extremes, although in fact they might be the same yet expressed in different ways. Thank you so much for this it gives me courage to keep trying!

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A lovely read. Thank you! It’s funny, I wrote about awe last week too! It must be in the air....doesn’t that sound good!!! Keep on staying in presence wherever possible !

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