Oh Helen! Much to identify with here. Time, outdoors, being, large canvases, writing to do lists instead of doing. I'm pondering on the little girl in me , not burdened with to dos, and needing movement and outdoors and a crayon in her hand. Something about stopping over thinking and getting back into my body. Always on that quest! I'm sitting watching the day dawn over an estuary in Devon. How very fortunate. And, because we're away with friends, have I put crayon to paper? No. But.....never mind, I'm soaking it in and not chastising myself. Thanks for your words. Rest. X

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'Stop getting in my own way'. I love this phrase, its says exactly what i know to be true of me. I find a good reason (excuse) why it's just not the right time, place or there are others things to do that are more important. I make obstacles appear rather than the art I might be doing and enjoying too. Yet there are also times when I simply see something that amazes me and I can't wait to try and portray that on paper.

On my to-do list;

Clear my art space so I can have room to work....almost done.

Put away the supplies I'm not going to use immediately.

Do the drawings I have instructions for and see how they come out

Don't start more art until I have done all these things...

Oh and finish Nourishing Autumn with the leaves, colours etc I have collected or photographs I have taken to use for this art work.

I need to make space for me, for art, or rather having fun with various art supplies, and for writing too as well as space to be me.

I think that's enough for me to start on!

I hope you're regaining some strength and vitality and feeling better now.

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